DISCOVER ISRAEL - An Illustrated Guide

Discover Israel - An Illustrated Guide is a unique presentation of God's Land. It provides a foundational study for understanding the Jewish people, their culture, the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament), the New Testament and Jesus' Jewish life and ministry. The text is carefully complimented with over 400 scenes of Israel, illustrations, charts and maps. Discover Israel will transform your understanding of The Land God chose for His People, 3,700 years ago. It is an incredible study companion for any tour of Israel - even from your desk or armchair. Warning: This book may change you life.


  • 90% of all Biblical events took place in Israel
  • God's Fifth Gospel - 256 miles long, 68 miles wide, but 4,000 years deep
  • Discover Israel seeks to clarify Israel's complex historical depth
  • The birthplace of our spiritual ancestors - the Patriarchs, Israelites, Prophets, Jesus, His Apostles, and the early church leaders
  • The "homeland" of every Jew and Christian (Christians are "grafted in" to Israel)


  • Draws from his half century of study and experience in Israel
  • Strengthens your love for God's Land through the faith-deepening narrative and 400 breath-taking photographs, maps and illustrations
  • Presents Israel's natural boundaries, bringing life to each area in describing the Biblical, historical, geographical and archaeological context
  • Provides an historical overview for the complicated conflicts of the Middle East


  • A spark to fire your imagination, transforming your black and white Bible into living color.
  • An excellent pre-tour preparation guide prior to your visit of the Holy Land
  • A complete tour guide manual for your visit to Israel
  • A continuing study reference for travelers who have returned from His Land
  • The perfect virtual tour of Israel from your armchair-great for group discussions and dialogue
  • An Excellent traveling companion for any Israel tour and a favorite resource for ongoing study of God's Land


"Captures the essence of the Holy Land - leaves no stone unturned"
"If I were to recommend one study-travel guide for Israel, this is the one!"
"A seminary and college course-a delightful study, beautifully illustrated"
"An amazing personal 'guidebook' of God's Land-without equal"
"A brilliant historical, archaeological and Biblical narrative"

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