Jesus was born into a Jewish family, Jewish culture, Jewish religion, Jewish customs, education, worship, and festivals. We believe that He was trained in a Jewish Yeshiva (seminary), to become a Jewish Rabbi, and His disciples were Jewish.  As you interpret Jesus, and His teachings against the tapestry of His’ Jewish background, the Gospel events will burst forth with new life!

The Jewishness of Jesus introductory videos will lay a background and explain the reasons for this course. We believe that a deeper understanding of Jesus, based on His Jewish culture, will draw your heart into the very depths of the four Gospels. This unique course will give you fresh new insights, as you encounter our Jewish Lord and His people, Israel.

Warning: This course might change many of your previous interpretations! We will encourage you to test your beliefs based on God’s Word and NOT on traditional interpretations. You will find this study to be very challenging, but may be somewhat uncomfortable.


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