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When all who were with us in Israel, my emphasis throughout the tour was on the Jewish Jesus and I sought to interpret all that our Lord said and did through the lens and filter of His first century Jewish culture and background. We relied upon the “Fifth Gospel” (God’s Land) to help us better understand Jesus.

Discover Israel - An Illustrated Guide introduced you to God’s Land. Then, you visited, experienced, and fell in love with Israel. Like hundreds before and after you, you returned home a new person, hungry for the Word of God, desirous to know more about Jesus, wanting to grow in your faith. Your black-and-white Bible had blossomed into full color. The Scriptures came alive in your heart and in fresh ways as you came to understand that Fifth Gospel (God’s Land).  Praise God!
First, we are making the Jewishness of Jesus available to you who have invested in our Discover Israel Tours of God’s Land. I am releasing one section of Jewishness Book 1 each month beginning now and continuing to release one section per month through January 2021 (6 months). Book I and II details and dates of release follow.
In Jewishness Book 1 (Course 1) there are 20 chapters. You will be challenged by every page of your Online Study Manual (the text). The accompanying videos present my audio voice, but the video scenes are drawn from movies and clips on the life of Jesus, museum art (statues and paintings), maps and scenes from Israel. The text and accompanying videos take you deep into the life of Jesus. We even probe answers to questions Christians have been afraid to ask. This unique presentation offers an unforgettable learning experience. If you are ready to probe deep into Jesus’ Jewish life and ministry, this study is for you. If you are protecting a herd of “sacred theological cows”, please do not order this course. It is our prayer that this course will bring revival your heart, your family, friends, your church and our nation.
As the audio teacher on these videos, I am not a “talking head”. Instead, you will encounter Jesus in unique and wonderful ways. Four hours of videos accompany Book 1 (each Section has between 8 to 23 videos which complement the text). In 20 chapters there are 69 videos links for your mobile phone or devise.  Plus, each of the 20 chapters is followed by quizzes on that chapter. This course may be taken for credit.

Jewishness of Jesus is NOW available for…
  • Your Personal Individual Bible Study
  • Group Bible Studies
  • Homeschoolers
  • Sunday School Group Studies
AVAILABLE SOON: Beautiful Microsoft Power Points that Outline each Section of Study are available for Teachers and Facilitators. These are ready and available for instruction on I-phones, projected studies, or TV viewing by your group.

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